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Drop a Tour & Engage with Fans like Hippie Sabotage

May 14, 2024

Hippie Sabotage used Laylo across multiple touchpoints during their "ENTER THE UNKNOWN" tour.

Collecting Sign Ups

📢 They initially announced the tour with a multidrop, collecting signups from thousands of fans eager to snag presale tickets.

QR Code Activations

💡 Fast forward a couple of months -- in between their opener on tour, as well as on several other screens within the venue, Hippie displayed a Laylo QR code that unlocked access to an exclusive unreleased track.

🎵 Fans scanned the QR, input their phone number or email, and immediately got a link to the track.

Instagram DM

📸 The day after the show, Hippie Sabotage posted Instagram Stories prompting fans to respond with a designated IGDM keyword to unlock an album of photos from the night prior.


💰 This was another great way to 1) collect signups from your die-hard fans coming out on tour and 2) engage with fans in a new and creative way

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