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Feature: Announce a Tour Like Sam Smith

February 9, 2024

Sam Smith used Laylo’s multidrop feature to announce an upcoming North America tour and put thousands of fans in a frenzy over pre-sale tickets.

The Announcement

📌 A day before the North America tour announcement, Sam dropped hints on Instagram with emoji flags for the US, Canada, and Mexico.

🤐 This simple, mysterious teaser created anticipation and kept fans guessing about the big announcement.

📹 Watch this clip of Sam sharing a Laylo link via Instagram.

The Drop

📢 The next day Sam made the official announcement and shared the Laylo link for fans to get the exclusive pre-sale password.

🔒 In just a few seconds, fans could find their tour stop and sign up to get a text or email reminder. And if their city wasn’t on the list they could still register in case more stops were added.

🎟️ When presale tickets went live, everyone got a text or email with a link based on which city they RSVP’d for.


📈 Since it was so easy to RSVP, tens of thousands of fans instantly signed up to get the presale code.

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