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Feature: Drop a Comedy & Music Tour like Zack Fox

February 29, 2024

Zack Fox is a stand-up comedian and rapper who used Laylo to announced his fall tour.

Fall Tour

📢 He used Laylo’s multidrop for his tour page and collected signups for each stop.

🎟️ Zack took a unique approach with his multidrop.

Tickets were available the same day that he announced the tour.

He creatively added the ticket links to the RSVP confirmation message so fans automatically received the link after dropping their number or email.

Collecting Sign Ups

🎤 Zack took full advantage of the initial hype around his tour announcement. He gained new Laylo sign ups while also driving ticket sales with the multidrop.

The “In case you forgot” Nudge

📳 Days after the initial hype slowed down, Zack sent a nudge text to fans. This reminder helped drive more ticket sales for each stop.


🎤 By including the link to tickets within the RSVP confirmation message for each tour stop, Zack Fox and his team were able to achieve two of their major goals: sell tickets & grow their Laylo database.

Leading up to each stop on tour, Zack will continue to leverage these segmented fan groups to build excitement around each event, sell tickets (if there are any left!), and promote merch.

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