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Feature: Drop a Cookbook Like Nick DiGiovanni

February 9, 2024

Nicholas DiGiovanni is an American chef on a mission to teach everyone to get creative with food. He used Laylo to drop a cookbook!

2 weeks before launch pre-orders for his new cookbook, Nick DiGiovanni created a Laylo drop. All of this led up to a big reveal! Fans who RSVP’d were first to learn the title, see the cover, and other big surprises in the book.

Website Embed

Nick shared the link everywhere. But most importantly, he used Laylo’s API to embed the Laylo drop on his site.

Instagram DM

He also used Laylo’s Instagram integration and shared announced the drop in his stories.

He told all of his fans to DM him the word “Cook” and they were automatically signed up to be the first to know when the book drops.

Within minutes, thousands of people RSVP’d!

Check out this clip from his IG story.


On drop day, Nick messaged his new book to subscribers and saw a CTR of 45%. Knife Drop became the #1 new release on Amazon within 5 minutes.

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