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Feature: Drop Merch Like Jack Carden

December 20, 2023

2 weeks prior to the drop, Jack Carden, a graphic artist from New Zealand, began building hype for his upcoming merch drop across Instagram and Tiktok.

The Drop

Jack used a Laylo drop link in his bio so that fans could get first to access the merch.

The Results

On drop day, all 1,600 fans that signed up were sent the link to the merch. In the first minutes of the merch drop, Jack did over $1,000 in sales per minute and had over 500 people shopping live. He was also able to send a follow up message to those fans a few hours before the merch ran out to drive more last minute sales.

1560/1600 fans opted in to get future updates from Jack, so whenever he releases more merch, videos, etc. all those fans will be notified again.

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