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Feature: Drop Merch Like Freezertarps

December 7, 2023

Freezertarps is a TikTok star and sketch comic known for his unique lingo and relatable lifestyle characters that enjoy golf and sports parlays.

Buzz Like Bees

🐝 Freezertarps used Laylo to drop his “Buzz Like Bees” merch drop featuring shirts, hoodies and shorts for the fellas.

Collecting Sign Ups

🎬 Freezertarps did a series of posts on social media teasing the drop and showing off the quality of the merch. Each promo clip directed fans to the Laylo sign up in his bio.

⏰ He also embedded the Laylo drop onto his website with countdown to build suspense.

The Drop

On drop day, tens of thousands of fans were notified about the drop going live along with a link. Freezertarps connected his Shopify store to Laylo so he could track how many people clicked the drop link in his texts and bought merch.


🏆 It was Freezertarps’ biggest merch drop yet and his Shopify store saw insane numbers as fans quickly bought their favorite pieces.

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